Honda CRF250F Oversize Aluminum Handlebars

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Honda CRF250F Lightweight Oversize Fat Bar (1 1/8 inch) Handlebars

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Now Available!  Manufactured by Anker - an oversize (1 1/8") black anodized aluminum handlebar for the Honda CRF250F.  Wider than stock by 2 inches, but much stronger to resist bending in a crash. Total width of 32 inches is adjustable downward by cutting an equal amount of the bar off at each end.  We find the 32" width is perfect though, for a more full-sized feel and proper control in off-road conditions compared with the stock bars.

Also known as Fat Bars or Oversize handlebars - these bars are much larger in diameter at the horizontal clamping area for much greater strength, but actually lighter by a half pound as compared to the stock Honda bars.  The height, bend and sweep are similar to the stock handlebar configuration - refer to 2nd photo in image gallery for all available dimensions.

The bars taper gently outwards from the 1 1/8" diameter to the standard 7/8" diameter for proper mounting of all your stock controls etc.  Bar is fully knurled in the grip area of the clutch side for better purchase and less chance of the slipping.

Please Note - In order to mount these oversize handlebars on a stock Honda CRF250F - you will need one of the following adapters or clamp sets (just one of these following products is required - your choice to decide which is best for your bike and budget):
Handlebar Risers with Adapter to 1 1/8th diameter – HyperLite Moto
Handlebar Risers and Forward with Adapter to 1 1/8th diameter – HyperLite Moto
Honda CRF250F Oversize Adjustable Top Triple Clamp Kit – HyperLite Moto
Honda CRF250F Full Triple Clamp Set – HyperLite Moto

With a set of adapters or clamps as listed above - these handlebars will fit all years of the Honda CRF250F from 2019 thru Present.

These handlebars do not include a set of handgrips, but you can pair them with a set of our lock-on grips for a total bolt-on package!  Available here:  Honda CRF250F Lock On Grip Kit – HyperLite Moto