Honda CRF250F Lock On Grip Kit

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Honda CRF250F Lock On Grip Kit

Here's an easy way to change and maintain your grips, starting now!  Each handgrip is pre-mounted on a slim tube which locks onto the handlebar.  No more messy glues, spinning and loose grips, etc.  Just remove your old grip, then slide the new left side onto the handlebar and lock it on by tightening the hold down clamp.

The throttle side also comes with the grip pre-mounted on a throttle tube.  Each kit also includes a throttle cam that engages with the throttle tube, ensuring the correct action and a smooth but stock throttle ratio.

Everything is included with the kit to setup one motorcycle.

This kit fits all years of the Honda CRF250F from 2019 to Present.

Note - the kit includes 4 throttle cams, please use the one which most closely matches your stock throttle cam.  The cams are also directional, and only will only engage with the throttle tube in one position, making assembly less confusing.  Also, this kit is not compatible with our aftermarket throttle (fast and standard) kits.