HyperLite Moto was founded in Vermont by Scott Armstrong in 2021 as a commercial outlet for the high performance parts he developed along the way to lightening his personal Honda CRF250F by 20+ lbs and his Montesa 4RT by 22 lbs.  

Scott has been riding motorcycles for over 40 years and has raced competitively in over 200 events including Hare Scrambles, Road Racing, Flat track, Motocross, and Moto Trials.  He is a New England Flat Track Champion and was ranked 7th nationally in Pro-Am Road Racing.                                                                                                                  


Scott has been a serial entrepreneur in the motorcycle industry for 17 years.  In 2006 he founded Moto Connection, a multi-line retail motorcycle dealership with over 400 motorcycles sold and 1000+ units serviced in his many years of ownership.  During that time Scott was able to ride every year and model of enduro and trials motorcycle available and able to compare them all on his test tracks.  Tons of info was gained during these years on what designs work best and which didn't in the world of off-road motorcycles.                                                                                              


Then in 2014 Scott established a new company - Moto AJP, formed for the exclusive North American import and distribution of the AJP brand of enduro and rally motorcycles built in Portugal.  During this time Scott was also able to create some very unique AJP models exclusively for the US market.  After a successful run of almost 5 years, he then sold the AJP business to a company out West and turned his focus towards his family and consulting in the motorcycle industry.


During the last few years, Scott's vision of building lightweight, high performance off-road motorcycles is starting to bear fruit.  In 2021 he opened HyperLite Moto and started manufacturing his own line of motorcycle hard parts true to his goals under the "Bremer" brand name.  The products offered on our website are just the beginning of what Scott has planned for the future...

Below are some highlights of unique products Scott has developed and brought to market since 2011.


Montesa Air Box Wash Plug

Aluminum Bar Ends, first product - 2011

Montesa Lightweight Coil Kit

Montesa Lightweight Electronics Mount

Honda CRF250F Outer Wheel Spacer Kit 

CRF250F 7075 Aluminum Axle & Swingarm Pivot 

CRF250F Wheel Spacer Kits 


CRF250F 7075 Aluminum Suspension Linkage

CRF250F 7075 Front Axle/Spacer/Seal kit