Honda CRF250F Full Triple Clamp Set

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Honda CRF250F Full Triple Clamp Set

This triple clamp set qualifies for Free USA Shipping!!

Amazing design!  Prioritizing: Strength, Durability, Lightness, and Rider Ergonomics. 

Stronger than stock, manufactured out of high strength billet 6351 aluminum alloy and hard coated throughout in Red.   The upper and lower clamps also spread the clamping force across a much larger area of the forks, for added strength in each area utilizing 3 Zinc plated steel M8 pinch bolts per zone.

Allows only for the fitment of oversize (1 1/8) fat bar handlebars.  Adjustable bar mounts allow for 2 different positions (fore and aft) for better rider ergonomics.  The bar clamps raise the bars a total of 30mm (measured from top surface of triple clamp to center of handlebar diameter).

Engineered specifically to fit the Honda CRF250F.  Same fitment as original Honda parts - complete with predrilled and tapped mounting holes for the ignition key bracket on the front of the top clamp.  Also includes an allowance on the lower clamp to engage with the stock Honda front number plate.  Everything is basically plug and play!

Much lighter than stock!  Used and endorsed by the crew here at HyperLite Moto, and proven tough through competition for many years thru their factory racing team.

Kit Includes:
Complete Upper Triple Clamp Assembly
One set of 1 1/8 oversize Handlebar Mounts 
Steering Stem pressed into lower clamp (with bearing & seal pre-installed, not shown)
Complete Lower Triple Clamp Assembly
Upper Triple Clamp Nut
Steering Stem Vanity Cover
Hardware for mounting front brake line guide to lower clamp
Aluminum brackets and screws to engage with bottom of front number plate

Oversize 1 1/8" (Fat Bars) not included.  Please note - oversize bars are required, these clamps will not work with the stock Honda OEM 7/8" OD 250F handlebars.  

Fits all years of the Honda CRF250F from 2019 to Present