Shorai Battery Charge/Management System

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Honda CRF250F Lightweight Lithium Battery

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This is the best charger for your Shorai battery and has been used for over 14 years by the HyperLite crew.  Although not required for the Shorai battery - it is super nice to have and helpful to recover a deeply discharged or abused battery.  Add this product to your wish list - and get it when possible, you won't regret it!

Here's the scoop direct from Shorai - since they say it best....

Shorai Charge and Store Battery Management System which includes the STORE MODE for maximum battery life during long-term storage, CHARGE MODE - charges, balances, and performs cell diagnostics.  Also features a retractable hook to hang from grips, frame rails, or seat straps.  Operating Specifications: 100V~250V 50/60 Hz AC Input; 2A max charge rate.

All special diagnostic, charging, and AC cords are included with the charger plus instructions for use.

While standard lead-acid chargers can be used with Shorai LFX when needed, the BMS01 is specifically designed to charge, store, maintain, balance, and diagnose your LFX battery.

This charger is designed to work with the Shorai battery we offer on our website for the Honda CRF250F.

Please note - the third picture in the product gallery is showing how the charger connects directly to the battery.  A Shorai battery is NOT included with this charger.