Honda CRF250F Front & Rear Tugger Straps

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Honda CRF250F Tugger Straps - for Front & Rear

Provides a very handy place to grab and pull on when your bike gets stuck on the trail or falls over.  No more reaching up under muddy fenders or over slimy fork legs.  Yup, been there, done that!

The front tugger is designed specifically for the Honda CRF250F - with mounting tabs that are predrilled and slotted to fit onto the lower triple clamp.  Just remove the 4 bolts, place the tugger tabs over the triples on each side and tighten the bolts.  Easy peasey!

Our rear tugger kit is a more generic design but works well on the rear of the Honda CRF250F by looping around the rear subframe rails.  Hardware for this rear kit is included along with basic instructions too.

Both of these tuggers look cool, work well anytime, don't interfere with your riding, and stay up out of the muck - clean and ready to deploy!  Used and endorsed by Hard Enduro riders everywhere!

Sold individually.  Fits all years of the Honda CRF250F from 2019 to Present.

Note - The front tugger strap may not fit well if you have our aftermarket plastic body kit with the AMX front number plate installed.  There are no issues with the stock Honda front number plate though...