Honda CRF250F Trail Tech Endurance Meter

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Honda CRF250F Trail Tech Endurance II Speedometer/Computer

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A beautifully engineered product, that offers lots of features not normally available on the CRF250F.  Speed, Time, Distance, Maintenance Reminders, etc.  Lots to learn about, follow below for the scoop directly from Trail Tech...

Endurance II - Speed, Distance, and Time.
Keeping it simple!

Endurance II is simplified gauge, able to replace a vehicle's entire instrument cluster. At only 4.2 x 1.6 inches, it fits anywhere and is an easy install with only two wires.

Endurance II displays speed, maximum and average speed, two trip distance trackers, odometer, ride time, accumulated ride time, and a clock. Use the maintenance reminder with either time or mileage interval durations.

Installation is easy following the detailed instructions. The wheel sensor enables the speed readouts, and the power wire enables the backlight. Endurance II knows when to stay awake either by sensing external power or when the wheel is spinning.

With a clean and simple design, Endurance II provides the most essential information such as speed, distance, and time. This is the ideal gauge for the minimalist or custom builder due to its small size. Whether you're looking to simply stay legal or stay informed, Endurance II has you covered!

The Trail Tech Endurance II Computer Kit Includes:
Trail Tech Endurance II Computer.
Mounting hardware.
Wheel sensor.
Magnet sensor kit.
Power lead.
Detailed Specifications:
Speed range ("SPD" on display): 0 - 199 KPH/MPH.
Maintenance reminder range ("Oil/Care" on display): 0 - 9999 KM/M.
Distance range ("DST" on display): 0 - 19999 KM or M.
Accumulated run time range ("ART" on display): 0 - 9999 hours.
Odometer range ("ODO" on display): 0 - 199999 KM or M.
External power input: 9 - 300 VAC / 9 - 50 VDC (No polarity requirements).
Internal battery: 3V CR2032.
Battery life: 1 year.
Power wire: Red / black 20-gauge wire.
Backlight: L.E.D. group.
Screen: 63.8 x 17.6 mm (2.5 x 0.69").
Physical dimensions (WxHxD): 104.76 x 40.91 x 26.8 mm (4.12 x 1.6 x 1.17").
Physical weight: 3.9 ounces (110 grams).
Operation temperature: 0 - 60C (32 - 140F).
Storage temperature: -20 - 80C (0 - 175F).

This product fits the following motorcycles:
2019 to Present Honda CRF250F
2003-2019 Honda CRF230F