Honda CRF250F Rear Fender with LED Taillight

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Honda CRF250F Rear Fender with LED Taillight

Now available due to customer demand!

A very sweet, CRF250F exact fit - red rear fender assembly with integrated LED taillight and enduro style mud flap extension. 

This product is primarily being offered for customers who have previously purchased a Baja Designs headlight and wire harness from another vendor and are looking to add a plug and play rear taillight to that setup.

The wiring on this taillight is designed to plug directly into the Baja Designs wire harness provided for an "optional taillight".  If your BD harness does not have 2 unused female bullet connectors (black & white wires) towards the rear of the bike, then this taillight will not work for you without some kind of additional parts or modifications.

This product is a HyperLite exclusive - The rear fender is specific to the 250F and molded to fit just like the factory fender, but with a nicely integrated enduro mud flap and a special recessed LED taillight.  Custom installed color-coded matching connectors are pre-wired to plug into the 2 bullet style connectors provided by Baja Designs to power the LED light.  

There is a 3rd wire coming from the taillight that we don't use and neither does the BD harness, but it is for a brake light feature.  It's a blue wire that is stubbed out and the lead is taped back on the taillight harness with no connector on it.  We leave it unused, but some customers may be able to take advantage of it with their own custom brake light wiring.  We offer no support on this feature - only this brief info.

Please Note - There is not a way to connect this taillight to the stock Honda wiring harness.  This product is only designed to connect to a Baja Designs light kit wiring harness.  This product can be used on a stock Honda 250F, but the light will only be decorative and will not function.