Honda CRF250F UHMW Rear Suspension Linkage Slideplate

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Honda CRF250F Rear Suspension Linkage Slideplate

Rear suspension linkage is very vulnerable to impacts from rocks and logs while riding and can be damaged or bent in the process.  Having linkage protection built into your skid plate or added with this kit is always a good idea when riding in off-road conditions.

UHMW plastic is an excellent material for skid and slide plates due to the fact that it is extremely strong, durable, and naturally slippery.

This kit provides the needed protection for your linkage and is perfect for mounting on skid plates that do not originally include linkage protection, like the aluminum one we offer and others available elsewhere. 

Kit includes a pre-bent UHMW plastic linkage slide plate plus assorted mounting hardware. 

The kit is designed to fit a wide variety of skidplate/mounting configurations.  You will have to measure carefully (twice!), then drill holes into your existing skid plate and thru this slide plate, plus mount it using the provided hardware.  UHMW plastic is very easy to drill thru, cuts well with a hacksaw, and can be shaped/contoured carefully with a heat gun - all only if needed.  In most cases the only thing necessary will be to drill the mounting holes, mount, and go!