Honda CRF250F Performance Intake System

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Honda CRF250F Hyperformance Intake System!

New designed and engineered!  Much easier to install, with no 3DP parts.

This is an awesome intake kit for your CRF250F!  This kit will take a lot of the restrictions out of your intake system and create a freer flowing, higher volume intake system to feed your 4-valve motor.  You will notice an increase in power throughout the rev range and the ability to pick up revs quicker, along with better high rpm performance as well.

The kit includes the hard parts necessary to let your engine breathe much better.  The OEM intake system has some restrictions in it that make it hard for your engine to produce power - like the tightly sealed air box, the double-layered backfire screen, and the small air filter. 

Using this kit can help eliminate those issues and get you on the road to much better performance.  Included in the kit is a new injection molded flange for the air filter that eliminates the restrictive backfire screen.  In addition, we include a beautifully molded and much larger intake nozzle with splash shield, a higher flowing and larger dual stage air filter, plus a larger and improved filter cage.  All the needed parts are included with the kit and printed instructions are provided.

Note: This kit requires some basic hand tools like a file, hacksaw blade, and a drill.  

Note: The stock 250F style air filter and cage will not fit this intake kit.  Also, our standard Air Box Wash kit is not directly compatible with this intake kit.  Replacement air filters to fit this kit are now available in our store, and a special performance intake airbox wash kit is now available in our store too.

Although not mandatory, but for maximum performance potential we can suggest using this kit in conjunction with our crankcase breather kit, free-flowing Belparts or Viola exhaust system, and EJK fuel injection tuning kit.