Honda CRF250F Performance Brake Pads

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Honda CRF250F Performance Brake Pads available for Front & Rear fitment

These are special high performance metallic brake pads.

Available in 2 styles - one set to fit the front caliper, and the other set to fit the rear caliper.

They offer a better initial "bite" when first applying the brakes and also shorter total stopping distances than standard pads.  In addition they are more heat resistant, which equates to less effort at the lever during long descents.  Better stopping with less effort!

Features a deep central groove for moving out dirt and debris, plus allows better pad cooling and life.

Used by racers, recreational riders, and endorsed by the crew here at HyperLite Moto.

These brake pads fit all years of the Honda CRF250F, from 2019 thru to Present.