Honda CRF250F Lower Fork Guards

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Honda CRF250F Lower Fork Guards

These guards offer amazing protection for your lower fork legs.  They are also designed to look similar to modern mx fork guards - giving your bike an updated look.

The guards also offer full protection of the front axle block mounting area.  All hardware necessary for a complete install is included.  The left fork guard incorporates a front brake line clamp to keep the hose in place and guided perfectly, just like the OEM set up. 

These fork guards are sold in matched pairs of Red (same shade as Honda plastic) or Black.

Fork guards fit all years of the Honda CRF250F from 2019 to Present.

Note: These lower fork guards are not directly compatible with our Anker CRF250F fork and disc guard set.  The right-side lower fork guard shown here will fit onto your bike in lieu of the Anker right side version, but the left side guards will not work together without some kind of modification.