Honda CRF250F Heavy Duty UHMW Plastic Skid Plate with Linkage Protector

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Full coverage 1/4 inch thick UHMW heavy duty plastic skid plate with linkage protector designed specifically to fit the Honda CRF250F

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Protect those precious engine cases and sump area with this very special skid plate.

Designed out of 1/4″ UHMW plastic to protect your bike from tip to tail.  This lightweight yet extremely durable material replaces bulky aluminum skid plates and has a linkage guard built in.

Slide over offroad obstacles, protect your linkage and destroy the competition.

UHMW plastic offers the best in protection and sliding capability.

Many Benefits:
Made in the USA!
Extremely durable plus slides easily over obstacles
Doesn't reflect engine noise, offering a quiet ride with amazing protection.
Doesn't affect frame rigidity like aluminum or steel skid plates do - better handling.
Provides great coverage of the undersides of the outer motor cases
Excellent coverage of the rear suspension linkage
Pre-drilled for oil drain plug access
Fully assembled with all mounting hardware preset

This product fits all years of the Honda CRF250F from 2019 to Present.


Note - We are providing a longer "starter" bolt with these skid plates to help our customers have an easier time with the initial installation.  The starter bolt provided is about 2 inches long and will help get the rear clamp started while using it in combination with the countersunk outer plate.  Once everything is all set, we recommend removing the starter bolt and replacing it with the other standard bolt for a perfect fit and finish.