Honda CRF250F Fork Caps with Preload Adjusters & Bleeders

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Honda CRF250F Fork Preload Adjusters with Bleeders

Very cool design with multiple features.  Provides the ability to set your fork spring preload AND also incorporates a set of push button style fork air pressure bleeders on the top!

Machined from solid aluminum alloy and then hard-coat anodized in Red.  Laser engraved with tuning direction and hash marks for preload depth reference as well.

These caps have a base starting point of preload that is 7mm deeper than the stock caps (minimum preload setting).  From that starting point they offer a total of 10mm more spring preload that is infinitely adjustable via the threaded finger knobs, to fine tune your fork.  This adjustment can allow you to get the best ride height and suspension compliance for your weight, riding style, spring setup, and terrain.   Turn in to increase preload and out to reduce it! 

A second feature is the push buttons on top of the caps can be pressed at any time to release air pressure build up in the forks.  Very helpful when the temperatures changes or after hard riding which creates pressure to build up in the forks.

Comes as a pair of caps - one for each fork, as shown, with o-ring preinstalled.  

This product fits all years of the Honda CRF250F from 2019 to Present.

Note - The preload knobs can be difficult to turn when new, and especially when fully seated in the retracted position.  This is because of an internal o-ring seal between the adjuster and outer cap body.  They will loosen up after turning them down a bit from the fully retracted position and after some riding the fork oil will migrate upwards and help to lubricate the o-ring as well.