Honda CRF250F DID 520 Lightweight Chain

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Honda CRF250F DID 520 High Quality Drive Chain

This chain will replace the stock chain on a Honda CRF250F that uses stock or close to stock gearing (13T/50T +/- 1T to possibly 2T).  

This chain is approximately a 1/4 lb. lighter than stock and offers much less "rolling" resistance due to the elimination of the o-rings.  We use these chains on our test bikes and have compared them back-to-back with the stock chain.  Less chain drag = more useable power.

Comes complete as shown - chain with clip on style master link.  Very high-quality Japanese made chain - we have used these for over 20 years with never an issue! 

This product fits all Honda CRF250F from 2019 to Present.