Honda CRF250F Braided Stainless-Steel Front & Rear Brake Line Kit

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Honda CRF250F Braided Stainless-Steel Front & Rear Brake Line Kit

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This!!  Super high-quality stainless-steel brake lines built exclusively to fit the CRF250F.  These lines are hand built for us in the USA and configured exactly to fit the 250F - with the correct bends, stiffener tubes, proper lengths etc.  In addition - they come with a manufacturer's lifetime guarantee!

These brake lines are also lighter, smoother, and less bulky than stock lines.

We had the front brake lines built exactly 1 inch longer than stock - which works perfect for our customers, but especially those with taller bars, or bar risers, and/or our Corona top triple clamp.  No more stretched or kinked brake lines due to a reach issue!

All rubber brake lines expand when pressure is applied, resulting in a mushy feel at the lever and reduced braking efficiency.  Braided stainless-steel lines virtually eliminate line expansion, leading to high brake efficiency and perfect lever feel and modulation.

Core Moto stainless steel brake lines are made using only top grade materials and construction. Each line features an inner core Teflon hose wrapped tightly in a cold drawn high tensile 32 strand stainless-steel braid. All lines are then coated with a flexible PVC outer shell for superior strength, corrosion resistance and abrasion protection.

These Teflon core stainless steel lines can be bent 18,000,000 times before rupture compared to only 750,000 bends of the standard PTFE used by some other companies. In addition - the hoses have been batch tested to 18,000 psi without failure. (normal motorcycle braking pressure is 800 - 1,000 psi).  Okay, let's just say these brake lines are superior to anything on the market!

All Core Moto banjo fittings are CNC machined and polished high grade stainless steel.

This kit is engineered to fit all years of the Honda CRF250F from 2019 to Present

Each kit includes the following parts required to replace the front and rear brake lines:
1 Front brake line spec'd 1 inch longer than stock
1 Rear brake line in standard OEM length

4 low-profile stainless-steel banjo bolts with lightened heads
8 copper crush washers
Installation and brake bleeding guide

Note - Brake fluid is not provided, but will be required in order to successfully bleed out your new lines.  We recommend the brake line replacement be performed by a qualified motorcycle mechanic due to the safety nature of brake systems