Honda CRF250F Billet Gear Shift Lever

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Honda CRF250F Billet Aluminum Gear Shift Lever with Spring Loaded Folding Tip.

Finally!  A high quality, light weight, and sexy gear shift lever engineered specifically for the Honda CRF250F model! 

This product is super high quality, as always expected from Corona Racing.  The shift lever body is milled from a solid block of billet aluminum and then color hard anodized. The folding shifter tip is also built from billet aluminum, knurled on the top and bottom for grip, and then hard anodized as well.  All the hardware (spring, bolts, & washer) is made from stainless steel.

The shifter is slightly longer than stock for a better fit and feel for full size boots.  Highly resistant to bending as compared to the heavy and flexible OEM steel shifter.  Also, this shifter is almost half the weight of the stock shifter, saving close to .2 lbs!

This Corona billet shift lever fits all years of the Honda CR250F from 2019 to Present.

Note: The inner edge of this gear shift lever is designed to sit close to the external engine case, for best fit and protection.  Therefore, it is not directly compatible with our Engine Case Guards and Full Coverage Skid Plate.  With some minor modifications, it is possible to get them all to fit, but it is not plug and play when used in combination with either or both the case guard and skid plate.