Honda CRF250F Billet Fork Bleeder Caps

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Honda CRF250F Billet Fork Bleeder Caps

Front fork bleeder caps are provided in a pair to modify one bike and are made from billet aluminum and beautifully anodized in color with a built-in air bleeder screw on each.  

Allows for a quick and easy way to bleed excess pressure from your forks to help improve suspension performance and ride quality.  Adds some nice Bling too!! 

Very quick and easy install - just remove your stock fork caps, move the o-ring from the Honda fork caps to these new ones, and then reinstall and ride!

This product fits all years of the Honda CRF250F from 2019 to Present.

Please note - these bleeder caps are not to be confused with our fork extender caps, since these caps do not have an allowance to drop your forks deeper into the triple clamps.  These caps are designed purely for allowing an easy way to bleed your forks and also provide an additional 5mm of fork spring preload for a better ride.