Honda CRF250F Corona Billet Aluminum Replacement Brake Pedal Tip

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Honda CRF250F Corona Billet Aluminum Replacement Brake Pedal Tip

Now available - fully-built ready-to-install replacement folding tips to fit our Corona brake pedals.

In the rare case that you break or damage the folding tip on your Corona brake pedal - this is a great solution and much more affordable than replacing the whole pedal.

These tips are completely pre-built and ready to install on your existing Corona brake pedal.  Just remove your old tip and slide the new tip in place.  Easy peasy!

Offered individually, made of billet aluminum, hard coated in color, fully built with stainless steel return spring, pivot bolt, stainless grub screws and includes a new mounting bolt also.  Perfect replacement - ready to go!

This product only fits the Corona billet aluminum brake pedal that we offer.

Tips are sold individually and available in either Red or Black.  Both colored tips are mechanically identical, so either colored tip will fit any color brake pedal.  Feel free to mix and match colors with your existing Corona brake pedal as you see fit.

Please note:  These tips are not designed to fit the stock OEM Honda CRF250F brake pedal, nor will it fit our Viola brand stainless steel brake pedals.  These tips are only for the Corona 250F billet aluminum brake pedal.