Honda CRF250F Billet Adjustable Kickstand Kit

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Honda CRF250F Billet Aluminum Adjustable Kickstand Kit!

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This kickstand is a great addition to any CRF250F, and offers many features and benefits:
Billet aluminum and anodized in Red
Slightly lighter than stock
Keeps stock bikes from leaning so far over when on the stand
Great for bikes that have our lift kit or longer suspension installed
Adds Bling!!
Fully adjustable, with 4 total positions available in 15mm increments each:
Stock, + 15mm longer, +30mm longer, and +45mm longer (almost 2 inches total gain)
Oversized footbed to better hold your bike up in soft or uneven terrain
Stainless steel hardware throughout
Special return spring is included
Uses the stock 250F kickstand pivot bolt and nut
Works with the stock Honda frame mount and also can optionally be combined with our CRF Kickstand Adapter bracket for even greater height
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This kit fits all years of the Honda CRF250F, from 2019 thru to Present

Note - We recommend using Loctite on the 2 footplate screws and also on the 2 height adjuster screws once you have completed your final adjustment and prior to riding.  Vibration and impacts over time can possibly cause these screws to loosen if no Loctite is present.