Honda CRF250F 12T Front Sprocket

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Honda CRF250F 12T Front Sprocket

This front sprocket will gear your bike down, making all the gears feel lower, with smaller gaps between gears too, making them closer together in speed difference.

Manufactured from case hardened steel alloy.

Stock Honda gearing is 13T Front/50T Rear, which equals 3.85 ratio
Running this 12T with a stock 50T rear will make it a 4.16 ratio

We run these on our all our test bikes.  Excellent for technical trail riding, slows things down a bit and makes 2nd gear much more useable with less shifting down into 1st.  Less chance of catching a false neutral that way too.  If you know, you know!!

This product fits all years of the Honda CRF250F from 2019 to Present.

Note: Image is likeness only, actual product is similar but a 12T count.