Honda CRF Rear Shock Lengthening Clevis

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Honda CRF 1.4 Inch Rear Suspension Lengthening Clevis

Add an additional 1.4 inches of ground clearance to the rear of your bike with this lengthening clevis.  For best results, pair this clevis with our front fork extenders - designed to even out your bike front & rear.

The rear extender replaces the clevis on the bottom of your stock shock with one that offers 2 positions - stock and 1.4 inches taller, so you can always go back to stock height on the rear any time after install without removing the clevis - just move the bolt position.

This rear shock clevis fits all model years of the Honda CRF250F and CRF230F.

Please note:  The rear shock clevis is designed to fit the OEM Honda stock shock and will not fit aftermarket rear shocks.  Removal and installation of the rear clevis requires a readily available shock spring compressing tool, or most local motorcycle shops can perform this service for you if needed.