Honda CRF Kickstand Adapter

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New Design!  Honda CRF Kickstand Adapter

A kickstand adapter was previously included in our "lift kit", which is no longer being sold in kit form.  Now, due to customer requests we offer all the lift kit parts separately on our website: kickstand adapter, fork extenders, and shock clevis.  

This kickstand adapter is helpful in 2 ways:
   New Design!  Now it allows your kickstand to tuck in much higher and tighter to the bike when retracted than the stock frame mount.  This results the stand hitting much less trail junk, ruts, rocks, and roots while riding.
   Secondly it actually raises the bike about by about 1.2 inches when the bike is leaning on the deployed kickstand.  This is helpful for bikes with lifted suspension, allowing the bike to lean properly in those cases instead of almost falling over.  For stock suspended bikes, this adapter will allow your bike to lean at a more appropriate angle and not so steeply as a stock bike will but will never be in danger of tipping over on flat ground.

This product includes the fabricated kickstand adapter plate made by Anker in a special blend of steel plus a hardened steel bolt and the locknut required to mount it.

Fits the following motorcycles:
Honda CRF250F 2019 to Present
Honda CRF230F 2003 to 2019