Honda CRF250F EJK Fuel Injection Tuner

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CRF250F EJK Fuel Injection Tuner

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Proudly Made in the USA, the EJK tuner is a plug-n-play fuel injection tuner.
Allows for full range tuning of your fuel injection, for increased power, easier starting, cooler running engine, and optimization of fuel when using engine power up kits like aftermarket exhausts, intake modifications (air box, air filter, screens etc), big bore kits, cams, etc

Comes preset specifically for the CRF250F with an excellent base map settings to use immediately.  You can fine tune from there if you like, or leave it alone.  Water resistant components and connectors, easy to tune while the engine is running!  You can make changes on the fly very easily.

Highly recommended and endorsed by racers and the crew here at HyperLite Moto!

Kit includes everything needed to install the tuner and get you started.  Excellent tech support is also provided by the manufacturer.

This tuner fits all Honda CRF250F from 2018 to Present.

Note: We highly recommend using this tuner whenever you install an aftermarket exhaust and/or our High-Performance Intake System.