Honda CRF250F Crankcase Breather Kit

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CRF250F Crankcase Breather Kit

Honda vents the crankcase breather directly to the airbox, but on the clean side of the air filtered area.  This results in occasional oil vapors getting into the intake system and coating the throttle body over time - affecting performance and contaminating the air/fuel sensors.

Our kit eliminates these problems with an easy to install kit which includes a perfectly sized breather filter and air box plug. 

To install, first remove your seat and then remove the 90 degree plastic elbow that connects your crankcase vent hose to the airbox.  Then slide our special plug into the airbox where the 90 degree elbow was.  Afterwards, install the new filter into the crankcase vent hose where the other end of the plastic elbow came from.  Finally - install your seat and go riding!

Fits all years of the Honda CRF250F from 2019 to Present