Honda CRF Retractable Lever Set

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Honda  CRF Retractable Lever Set

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Tired of breaking or bending one of your levers almost every time your bike tips over?

These levers are designed to fold backwards in the event of a fall, which prevents them from breaking.  This feature also helps to relieve pressure on the clutch perch and front brake master cylinder in a fall, saving them from breaking or damage too.

These levers also offer an adjustable reach feature - which allows you to set the lever distance from the bars independently of the clutch cable free play adjustment.  Very handy to have especially when used in combination with our easy clutch pull kit.  The front brake lever offers the same lever distance adjustment, but in this case it just a different way of doing it as compared to the stock front brake lever.

Sold in matched pairs for front brake and clutch, both in Red.

Fits the following models:
Honda CRF230F 2004-2019
Honda CRF250F 2019 to Present