Research & Development - this is one of our core competencys!

Being located in Vermont, we have access to some of the most grueling off-road terrain imaginable.  We also have a indoor facility for testing in the core winter months when the ground is snow covered.  These places are where we test all our ideas and prototypes, long before we ever bring a product to market.  Some products make it, others don't - we aren't easy on things here; that way you can have all the confidence that our products will hold up to your hardest riding and the test of time.  It's only then that they can proudly wear the Bremer and HyperLite brand names.  Rest assured, we test all our vendors products too, not just the in-house built stuff - since we want to offer only the highest quality products to you.

Here's an example of just a few of the products that didn't make the cut because they either failed somehow, were too heavy, or just didn't improve the performance in some meaningful and measurable way.  ...Testing!  Testing!


What are we up to now?  Well, we do have 5 new categories of products in the pipeline, a few for the Monty fans plus some new unique stuff for Beta's too - but there is still more testing to do!  That's all I can say for now, since my patent attorney is reading this too.  So just stay tuned and we will have you losing more weight with better performance very soon!