Lightweight Trials Front Wheel Kit 1 lb savings

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Lightweight Trials Front Wheel Kit - 1 lb savings

This kit shaves over 1 lb of unsprung rotational weight from the front wheel of your trials motorcycle!

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We have tested countless tubes, rim locks and strips before finally settling on the perfect combination for this unique kit, and have been abusing it for multiple seasons with never an issue!

The inner tube is extremely light - offering major weight savings and better feel compared to a conventional or even the "trials" tubes out there.  This tube is very durable and highly resistant to punctures and abrasions with a special self-sealing feature.

The rim lock is a work of art all in of itself and weighs half as much as the competing brands "lite" rim lock and 1/3rd the weight of stock rim locks.  This specially engineered part is manufactured with a composite body, custom Titanium stud, and sealed Aluminum nut.

Finally the featherlight rim strip replaces your standard heavy rubber rim strip with one that adheres to the rim itself and is not susceptible to moving or allowing the tube to come in contact with the spoke ends and nipples like other brands can.

This kit fits all brands of trials bikes from Montesa, Beta Evo, GasGas, Sherco, Scorpa, TRS, Vertigo, EM, etc.

Kit Includes:
Special inner tube
Hyperlite valve retainer and cap kit
HyperLite rim lock
Superlight 21" rim strip