Lightweight Aluminum/Titanium Trials Wheelset - up to 5 lbs savings!

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Lightweight Aluminum/Titanium Trials Wheelset

Lose up to 5 lbs of unsprung rotational weight with this kit, which will improve your suspension dramatically!

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Amazing and extremely noticeable difference in weight and handling - hops are easier, traction is better, the tires follow the terrain much more precisely!  Improved suspension performance is guaranteed!  Savvy tuners will tell you that losing 1lb of unsprung weight is equal to 3lbs of sprung weight - so here's 15 lbs worth of handling improvement - you will notice it guaranteed!

Rims and Hubs are available in a variety of colors! - refer to the pics for ideas.  Some color combos are not always available, so please put in the notes your first and second choice of colors when ordering and we will do our best to accommodate you.  Special color combos might also take longer to arrive, FYI.

Each wheel hub starts off as a billet chunk of 2024 Aluminum milled into a special DDM hollow design with high precision bearings and axle spacer installed.  The spokes are custom made of 6AL4V Titanium and then laced and trued to a specially modified Morad rim.

Provided with the wheels is our Hyperlite front wheel tube/rimlock/rim strip kit which allows up to a total weight savings of 5lbs with this entire kit. 

We have been testing these wheels for many seasons now and can attest they hold up to all the abuse that our rugged Vermont national caliber terrain can dish out!

Kit includes the following items:
DDM ultralight front wheel assembly
DDM ultralight tubeless rear wheel assembly with valve stem
Hyperlite 3 pc front wheel kit (special tube, rim lock, and rim strip) 

Please Note:  There is a 2 to 3 week lead time from when you place your order until your wheels are ready to be shipped.