Honda CRF250F High Performance Intake System

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Honda CRF250F Hyperformance Intake System!

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This is the ultimate intake kit for your CRF250F!  This kit will take all the restrictions out of your intake system and create a very free flowing, high-volume intake system to feed your 4-valve motor.  You will notice an increase in power throughout the rev range with some extra torque down low, the ability to pick up revs quicker, and better high rpm performance as well.  In addition this kit offers a half pound weight savings as compared to the OEM intake system.

The kit is very comprehensive and includes all the hard parts necessary to let your engine breathe fully.  The OEM intake system has many restrictions in it that make it hard for your engine to produce power - like the closed down air box, a double layered backfire screen, the baffled and stepped intake plenum, and the recycled crankcase breather air that can coat your throttle body with oil over time.  

We eliminate all those issues and take things further than anyone else.  This kit includes six of the one inch diameter filtered vents to be installed in your airbox door to help flow much more air into the airbox.  Additionally. we provide an OEM Honda 230F air filter cage and a Maxima pre-oiled 230F air filter in order to best interface with the specially designed intake plates.  Lastly, you will replace your restrictive backfire screen and intake plenum with our beautifully fabricated 3DP air box plates and intake tract.  All the needed parts are included with the kit and a printed guide is provided.  

Notes: For best results we recommend pairing this kit with our very popular HyperLite CRF250F Crankcase Breather Kit, since this kit does not have an allowance for the stock breather pipe setup.

This kit requires drilling and trimming of the OEM airbox using the thinnest black plastic template as a guide. It is also helpful to have a 1 inch hole saw for cleanly cutting 6 round holes in your air box cover/lid for the air flow vents provided.  We also recommend trimming the length of the new air filter cage retaining pins slightly for better air filter sealing.

Although not mandatory, but for maximum performance potential we can suggest using this kit in conjunction with a free-flowing aftermarket exhaust (such as Viola or Belparts) and a EJK fuel injection tuning kit.