Honda CRF250F Unbreakable Fuel Cap

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Honda CRF250F Unbreakable Fuel Cap

The stock fuel cap on the 250F is known to have the tabs break off internally over time, or when slightly overtightened and sometimes when rotated in a crash.  This results in having the fuel cap stuck on the tank and it won't loosen!

Our solution is a custom fuel cap designed without the internal tabs, so it replaces the stock cap perfectly but without the danger of having it stuck on the tank.

Manufactured from a solid piece of specially blended nylon, its lightweight, simple, durable, and won't strip or get stuck.  Every cap includes a colored coordinated vent plug with rubber hose that attaches perfectly to the nipple on the cap top.

Very clean setup, works perfect, No Leaks & No Worries!

Offered in both Red and Black colors - take your pick!

Note:  To install this cap you must remove the orange o-ring from the underside of your stock fuel cap and fully seat it onto the threaded portion of our fuel cap (as shown in the final picture in gallery).

This product fits all Honda CRF250F from 2019 to Present.