Lightweight Carbon Trials Handlebars - 1 lb savings

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Saves 1 lb in weight way up high on the trials motorcycle and also dampens shocks to your hands and body!

DDM built, beautiful, hi-tech, and strong!  Carbon fiber trials handlebars naturally dampen shocks to the riders hands due to the nature and direction of the custom carbon weave.

A well engineered and excellent product with a high margin of safety and great comfort all combined into one incredible handlebar.

Lightens the front end of your bike - very noticeable weight difference and better comfort over rough terrain.
Fine Italian craftsmanship, with a standard approximately 4 inch rise, 1 1/8 inch diameter at the clamping area tapering to standard 7/8 inch diameter at the control and grip region, with a typical bend and sweep comparable to most stock bars.  

These bars will fit any trials bike that accepts 1 1/8th handlebars at the bar clamp area.  These should fit 2010 and up models of: Montesa 4RT, Beta Evo, GasGas TXT, Sherco, Scorpa, TRS, Vertigo, EM.  These bars will not fit older trials bikes with 7/8ths crossbar style handlebars.   

Try a set of our Pro Taper grips and ODI bar ends to go with...

Please note - if you run bar ends - we recommend ours, traditional trials bar ends normally will not fit.