Montesa 4RT Lightweight Aluminum Clutch Kit - 1/2 lb savings

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Montesa 4RT Lightweight Aluminum Clutch Kit

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This kit shaves almost a 1/2 lb from your bike and reduces flywheel effect for less engine braking!

Complete set of clutch drive plates made of Aluminum that have been surface hardened to prevent wear and will last as long as stock steel plates.

These plates are race proven and will cut almost a half pound of rotational engine weight in addition to a slight decrease in flywheel effect.  This all results in faster acceleration and less engine braking.

These aluminum plates also conduct heat much more efficiently than steel, allowing for enhanced clutch heat dissipation and a cooler running clutch with better feel.

Proven tough and durable thru years of competition on 4RT Montesa's worldwide!

Fits all Montesa 4RT models from 2005 thru to Present.

Kit includes:
Set of five hardened aluminum clutch driven plates