Montesa 4RT EZ Idle Adjuster

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Set your Montesa 4RT idle any time while riding - even with gloves on!

This beautiful red anodized billet aluminum idle adjuster replaces your stock unit and will allow you to reach in the rear fender vent hole and adjust your idle on the fly at anytime. 

Idle speed can vary depending on atmospheric conditions (temp, humidity etc) and the 4RT definitely works best when it is running at the factory recommended 1800 RPM idle.  Stray too far from that and the bike becomes easy to stall, hard to start, or difficult to ride.

Oh, and of course this idle adjuster is also Hyperlite - like 1/3rd the weight of the stock adjuster, fyi...

Fits all years of Montesa 4RT - from 2005 thru to Present

Pro Tip:  Pair this adjuster with our tach/hour meter and you will always be on top of your idle speed and can fine adjust it to perfection while riding.  Plus you will be able to do all your scheduled maintenance on-time at the recommended intervals!