Montesa 4RT Lightweight Carbon Exhaust System - up to 3 lbs savings plus more POWER!

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Montesa 4RT Lightweight Carbon Exhaust System - up to 3 lbs savings plus more POWER!

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The Ultimate 4RT exhaust system - lowest price, lowest weight, and amazing quality!

Beautiful handmade carbon fiber muffler with Titanium inner pipe.  The header pipe is built in durable stainless steel, so it will not dent or ding easily like titanium header pipes do when hot.  The carbon fiber header guard is designed to cover the entire exposed pipe area all the way back to the kickstart lever, so no more burned pants!  All the hardware is of the highest quality: stainless steel header retainer spring with billet spigot mount, titanium mounting hardware for both points, plus high quality mounting brackets where necessary.

This exhaust system has so many benefits:
Saves up to 3 lbs in weight from the stock system
Increases power noticeably thru the entire rev range
Allows for easier starting, less engine braking, and freer revving motor
Better sound - quieter at idle, clean healthy sound thru rev range, no "slap" noise 
Looks gorgeous and did we mention it's Hyperlite and sounds amazing?

Fits all years of the Montesa 4RT from 2005 thru to Present

Exhaust System Includes:
DDM Carbon Fiber Muffler
DDM Stainless Header in choice of 26mm (250/260cc) or 28mm (280cc+) diameter
DDM Carbon Fiber Header pipe guard mounted with special hardware
Exhaust mounting kit with brackets and all necessary hardware in exotic materials!

Please Note:  There is a 2 week lead time from when you place your order until your exhaust is ready to be shipped.